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The engagement visa to Australia or the prospective marriage visa

An engagement visa to Australia or a Subclass 300 visa approval is one of the various Australian visas.

The engagement visa to Australia is one of the types of visas granted to people wishing to immigrate to Australia for marriage.

During this article, we will learn about this visa, the visa the fiancé or partner obtains after arriving in Australia, and the period for obtaining Australian citizenship through marriage.

What are the partner visa requirements for Australia?

These are the most important conditions for joining a preacher in Australia for marriage:

Your age when applying to get married in Australia must be 18 years or older.

You must be intending to marry an Australian citizen or permanent resident of Australia.

You must be caring for your potential spouse.

Your partner must be 18 years or older when applying for an Australian visa.

You must prove that you sincerely intend to marry your partner in Australia within 9 months of being granted the visa, bearing in mind that the total duration of the visa is 9 months.

You or the fiancée or fiancée in Australia must not be married at the same time of marriage, and you both must provide proof that you are unmarried.

After arriving in Australia, the holder of the Subclass 300 visa approval must submit an application for the subclass 820 partner visa australia.

This visa must be submitted to one of the local Immigration and Border Protection offices, known as DIBP.

If the visa is approved, the foreign partner or spouse in Australia will be granted a temporary visa that allows the spouse to live and work in Australia initially for a period of two years.

How much is the Al-Khatib visa for Australia?

The visa fee is 7,715 Australian dollars, equivalent to 4,980 US dollars according to the current currency rate.

How long does engagement visa take for Australia?

According to the Australian Immigration website, 90 percent of visa applications take 17 months to be processed, and the remaining visa applications take 13 months.

Is it possible to work in Australia through an engagement visa?

Yes, it is possible to work and study in Australia with a prospective marriage visa in Australia.

When can I obtain permanent residence in Australia after marriage?

After obtaining the subclass 820 partner visa for two years in Australia, you can apply for the subclass 801 partner visa australia.

When do I get citizenship if I marry Australian?

Through this visa, a person obtains permanent residence in Australia through marriage after two years, and after permanent residence, Australian citizenship.

Is there a period of acquaintance in Australia in place before marriage?

Yes, if you want to get acquainted with an Australian or Australian for the purpose of marriage, you must prove that you have been in an actual relationship for 12 months before submitting the application.

This is for those physically in Australia, until they prove in their request that their relationship is real and continuous, and that they live together and not separately.

Therefore, if you want / want to marry an Australian woman outside Australia, it is best to get acquainted with at least 12 months long so that matters are convincing and realistic before applying for the visa.

The duration of the acquaintance can be proven by presenting previous chats that show the history of your acquaintance with each other.