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Residency in Spain by marriage

Conditions of residence in Spain by marriage

If you are considering marrying a legal resident of Spain, or a citizen of Spain, you should know what conditions must be met in order to be able to complete this marriage; The condition boils down to:

    That one of the parties to the marriage contract holds Spanish nationality, or at least he has permanent residence in Spain.

    The wife's age shall not be less than 18 years.

    That the husband proves his financial ability to meet the costs of the marriage, and an amount of 1,500 euros is placed in his bank account.

The papers needed to complete the marriage with a Spaniard / Hispanic

If you are one of the people who managed to obtain a Spain tourist visa, and you want to obtain permanent residency, then you now fall under the clause of secret immigrant; You have to bring a set of documents that will be required from you in the civil registry in Spain, and the availability of another person who will act as a witness to the marriage contract, and here are all the documents required for each of the parties to the marriage contract.

1. Required papers for the foreign person who is party to the marriage contract

Submit birth certificate translated into Spanish.

A valid passport and a copy of all his papers.

Proof of his marital status, whether he is divorced, widowed or single.

A tourist residency document in Spain, if the marriage was concluded from within Spain.

All these papers mentioned above must be translated into Spanish.

Required papers for the Spanish person involved in the marriage contract

The original birth certificate of the Spanish citizen

Spanish nationality document.

The place of residence represented by his residence address.

Certificate of proof of marital status.

Procedures for residency in Spain through marriage

The marriage application must be submitted to the civil notary office in Spain.

Submit all required documents for each party.

The judge is the person who has the right to refuse or accept the marriage proposal, according to his discretion, after meeting the parties to the marriage contract in person.

An interview with a judge is very important, and it is on the basis of which the marriage procedures are completed or categorically rejected. The aim of the interview is to ensure that both parties intend to complete the marriage and establish a family, and that they are able to incur the costs and obligations of the marriage.

Advantages of residing in Spain through marriage

    A person married to a Spaniard has the right to permanently reside in Spain.

    He has the right to find suitable work that matches his experience and potential.

    After one year of his right to apply for Spanish citizenship as long as the marriage is in progress.