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Obtaining residency in Russia by marrying a Russian girl

Russia has become one of the countries that attract immigrants, and it is one of the countries that facilitate immigration procedures to it. Thus, we will explain to you how to obtain a permanent or temporary residence card in Russia by marrying a Russian girl, because it is considered the easiest way to reside in Russia.

What is the way to marry a Russian girl?

Marrying a wife who holds Russian citizenship is considered easy. If you want to marry a Russian girl, you simply have to obtain two important documents in order to get married, namely:

Certificate of celibacy or non-marriage, and you can obtain it from the interests of the Ministry of the Interior or the Family Department, and if you are divorced, widowed, or single, you must of course obtain this certificate, which is necessary for the sake of marriage in Russia, as polygamy is prohibited in the Russian Marriage Law After that, this certificate must be approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country.

A certificate of absence of criminal record, and it is called by different names according to the country, where it is called, for example, good conduct in Morocco or fish and an analogy in Egypt, and you can obtain it at the interests of the Ministry of Interior or the Ministry of Justice.

After obtaining the Russian tourist visa

When planning to travel to Russia to marry the Russian girl you have met, you have to keep 4 important points in mind:

After you obtain a Russian visa, you will travel legally, and after you meet the girl, you must declare your place of residence with the Federal Immigration Service, within 72 hours of entering Russian soil, and your place of residence is often requested from you upon entering Russia at the airport or at the land border point Or the navy that entered it.

First of all, you must first and foremost translate the passport with the interests of the Ministry of Justice in advance and have the two aforementioned certificates documented by the embassy of your country in order to obtain approval for your marriage in Russia, and then go to the offices of the Russian Foreign Ministry in order to finalize your documents.

Then you must set a date for the marriage contract in the church if this does not constitute a religious problem for you, otherwise you can simply marry outside it, because what is important in all of this is to obtain the official marriage document in order to apply for the residence application in Russia, which is granted to you after the search procedures. In the seriousness of marriage. Your initial residency permit is for a period of 3 years, which can be extended upon expiry.

Marrying a Russian girl enables you to have better chances of obtaining Russian citizenship, compared to the status of residency in Russia of another type, such as residency to pursue university studies or in order to work in Russia, as marrying a girl of nationality speeds up the pace of obtaining Russian residency and citizenship.

–3 What are the procedures for obtaining temporary residence in Russia?

After marriage, you can obtain residency at the Russian Federal Migration Service and require the following documents:

Translation of your passport into Russian.

Photographs of you.

A certificate proving financial or bank guarantee for you or your Russian wife.

Certificate of absence of criminal record.

A medical certificate attesting to the absence of infectious diseases, which you can obtain from a Russian doctor.

Fees and duties of registering residence in Russia.