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Marrying a Canadian girl is the fastest way to immigrate to Canada


In order to immigrate to Canada, you need to have specific experience in your field of work, and this may require you to equalize the university or professional certificates that you have. Marrying a Canadian girl speeds up all of this and exempts you from these conditions, meaning that you will not need experience nor university degrees. All you need is to marry a Canadian citizen.

Once you marry a Canadian woman, you can start the process of requesting a family reunification, from the Canadian embassy in your country. Marriage is the fastest way to obtain immigration papers to Canada.

How do you find a Canadian wife?

Many young people resort to getting acquainted with Canadian women in order to get married and immigrate to Canada, on social networking sites such as Facebook or on marriage sites, to quickly get to know Canadian girls in order to reach the marriage project.

How do you choose a Canadian wife?

The first advice is to be honest and avoid misleading your Canadian partner and future wife. Canadian girls are mostly looking for a young man who appreciates marital life and understands family responsibility. Marrying a Canadian girl will grant you residency in Canada in record time, according to Canada's family gathering law.

Obtaining residency in Canada through marriage only needs to find the right Canadian wife for marriage without the need for higher degrees. All you need is the Canadian woman's credibility and her acceptance of the idea of ​​marriage through online dating or Canadian girl WhatsApp.

After you agree with the Canadian partner on the idea of ​​marriage, you can start the family gathering procedures after documenting the marriage contract in one of two ways:

That the Canadian girl comes to visit you in your country, where the marriage contract is concluded, and then you must present the marriage contract to the Canadian embassy in your country to obtain a Canada visa.

To obtain a visa to visit Canada, and to conclude a marriage contract in Canada. You can then request an extension of the visa period and converting it into a residence after the permission to marry to the Canadian authorities. The period of your stay in Canada is extended according to the application for family unification in Canada.

Can I marry in Canada on a tourist visa?

Yes, you can marry in Canada during your visit from another country with either a visitor or tourist visa or a temporary residence visa. Whereas, marriage in Canada is an option available to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents who wish to marry a foreign partner. But if you and your partner are visiting Canada from another country, you do not need to be a citizen to get married. You will need to meet the requirements of the county you choose to marry. Each Canadian province has its own terms.

How can I obtain a marriage license in Canada?

You can apply for a marriage license wherever you are in Canada, in the interests of marriage documentation, for example at the municipal office or city council.

In Ontario, for example, you can follow these steps to obtain a marriage license.

You will need:

A valid passport (from your country of origin)

Official birth certificate (issued in your country of origin)

Immigrant Travel Record, which is a document that shows how long you have lived in Canada permanently or intermittently (if you or your partner are Permanent Residents)

A valid driver's license (from your country of origin)

A document proving nationality (from the country in which you were born)

A Canadian marriage license is valid for 90 days from the date it is issued.