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Marriage to a Swedish girl to obtain immigration and then residency

Marriage to a Swedish woman is among the best legal and legal ways to go to the country of Sweden, but this method is considered expensive as you are supposed to be a traveler as a tourist and you have enough money for spending, entertainment, accommodation and living, and exchange on the steps of marriage, before everything you must first get to know a girl Or a Swedish woman, so before traveling and coming to Sweden, you must have met a Swedish girl or woman through social media and choose the girl who is convinced of her and agrees to marry you for the purpose of forming a family and not to obtain a residence, and that you pledge to start a life together and continue with her and not Being only a means of travel and accommodation only your intention will be met in the future.

What are the conditions for a marriage contract in Sweden ?

1 - First of all, every person wishing to marry in Sweden must know that the authority through which any person can complete the marriage procedures on his own through it is the Swedish Tax Authority, so that whoever wishes to marry submits an application to the authority and informs them that he wishes to marry He submits the necessary papers for that, and then the authority decides whether or not this marriage should take place.

2 - If you are married to another person, the marriage cannot be completed for a second time, because one of the conditions of the marriage contract in Sweden is that the husband or wife is not married to another person at the same time that the person applies for marriage with the tax authority.

4 - The procedures for contracting a marriage in Sweden are not disrupted by belief or religion, and this is guaranteed by Swedish law, and it is possible for any person, whatever his religion

The documents required to obtain a marriage visa:

Marriage visa - visa for family reunification that you acquire Swedish citizenship. To obtain this visa in Sweden or abroad may apply.

- Application form: You must submit the application to the Swedish embassy, ​​or immigration (if you are at that time in Sweden) offer

- Cost of documents: These costs should amount to 1500 Swedish kronor or its equivalent in the currency of the country you are trying to take into account the Swedish - - Embassy / Immigration deposit

- Must be two color photos, full face, with a clear background if you are showing your face

You must provide copies of all pages of the passport

- You must obtain a certificate of celibacy

The passport must be valid for at least 3 months

How to apply for marriage via the Internet?

- The husband who wants to join his Swedish wife must be 18+

He must be able to pay the application fee with a Visa or MasterCard bank card

- Copies of the required documents must be made